SPREE: Single Parents Reaching Education to Employment

Support for single parents at JCC

As a single parent, providing for your family is your priority. Earning a college degree opens doors for career advancement, increased job opportunities, and better quality of life for you and your family.

At JCC, we invite you to join SPREE, Single Parents Reaching Education to Employment. Our SPREE program supports the educational and personal needs unique to single parent students, and is available at all JCC locations.

SPREE resources

  • Personalized assistance from your SPREE achievement coach
  • Peer support groups and networking
  • JCC and community resources
  • Employment services
  • Food assistance (including SNAP)
  • Assistance with establishing financial stability
  • Emergency funds for barriers impacting program completion
  • Other specialized services dedicated to enrolled single parent students

Spotlight: JCC & community resources

Your SPREE achievement coach can help you with any questions you have about JCC and community resources, such as emotional and mental health, food assistance, housing, transportation, and family care. Contact Wende Lescynski or stop by the SPREE office (Jamestown Campus, HULT 295).


To learn more about SPREE, complete our SPREE Interest Form and we will reach out to you. You can also visit the SPREE office (Jamestown Campus, HULT 295) or call 716.338.1431.

To enroll in SPREE, complete the following intake forms:


Wende Lescynski, Achievement Coach

As an achievement coach, I take pride in supporting your successes at JCC. The SPREE program can help you overcome academic and personal barriers and use your strengths to reach your educational and career goals. I look forward to connecting with you!

Wende Lescynski headshot